To Not Lose Hope

We have highs and we have lows The power is in our hands We can dance or We can cry It’s up to us To make the right decision. Yes it’s hard Like pushing a wall That doesn’t seem to move But once you look back You’ll see you’ve come so far. So don’t lose […]

To Not Lose Hope

Hope in GOD never disappoints.

In a troubled world, in times of uncertainty, in pain, when the enemy steals from us, when we feel unfairly treated or in loss of what we held on preciously, it is soo easy to loose the grip, keep defeated, hate, regret, mourn over spilled milk, pity self or simply give up -that comes off really easy.

Why? Because it’s a natural response to what surrounds us.


There is something greater, something much much better. Something we don’t have to look else where for but right within us. ‘The Love of the FATHER’

Such a season-less love that seeks after His children and cares deeply about our well-being. A love that’s present even when we ‘lay our beds in hell’
The Father knows you
The Father truly cares
The Father is in your midst
The Father is a winning warrior
The Father cares to the smallest detail
The Father delights in your well-being
The Father understands
The Father does not condemn but love you dearly
The Father is faithful to His promises
The Father is love.

Because of this love, we keep our HOPE up because it pleasures the Father to see us prosper in all things.
He knows and has your future well planned out, trust Him. We may not know how He works, but we sure know that He fights and wins for us. Do not loose hope in HIM but hold on to it steadfast and fight the good fight of Faith in HIM alone. He will never fail you!


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